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Our two sons attended Daisy Chain playgroup over a three year period and thoroughly enjoyed their time there. The Daisies provided a warm, caring and stimulating environment that has set our boys on the right path to learning.



My son attended the play group in Daisy Chain in 2014. He really enjoyed the time he spent there and would come home and explain the activities he did at school. Serlene is an excellent guide and is really caring. I felt quite comfortable talking to her. Rupa gives a realistic feedback about the child's performance. My experience has been wonderful and thank you so much for making my son feel happy and comfortable.



I was so very pleased with Daisy Chain playgroup--my daughter absolutely loved going there and I loved knowing she was there, having a wonderful time. When I picked her up she was always bouncy and bubbly, with a huge smile, which shows me that she was well taken care of, stimulated and allowed to be her independent self during her time in the group. She always had a creative art project to show me. I enjoyed how nicely the room was set up upon arrival- the toys and activities looked so welcoming and there was such a wide variety. Serlene is insightful and a lovely presence for the children and Rupa and Charisse are cheerful and kind. We moved from The Netherlands a month ago and I sorely miss sending Gabriella to days at Daisy chain. We started out just one day a week but if we hadn't moved I would have done even more! So pleased we had the chance to experience a term at Daisy chain before we left-it was a wonderful experience for my daughter.



Our children were born in the USA. When they were toddlers we moved back to The Netherlands, but we knew we would move abroad again. Therefore we looked for an English speaking playgroup and we found Daisy Chain Playgroup. At that time our daughter was too young to attend the playgroup, so only our son attended. Our son is a very sensitive and somewhat shy boy. Serlene, Rupa and Emmalene did a perfect job making our son feel safe and comfortable at the playgroup! They are very professional in every aspect of teaching toddlers. Our son always loved to go to the playgroup and one year later when our daughter was old enough she joined the playgroup as well. She loved being there from the first day. The program at the playgroup is well structured with a lot of variety in activities. The routine is clear to all children which helps them feel secure and happy. They sing songs, read books, do art work, play indoor and outdoor with a great variety of toys that changes every day and snack time is a well structured, quiet time at the table. All teachers speak English fluently. Thanks to the teachers at Daisy Chain our children continued to speak English fluently while we lived in The Netherlands. When we moved abroad again after a two year stay in The Netherlands, our children didn't have any language difficulties at the international school they attended in our new home country. Serlene, Rupa and Emmalene, thanks again for everything!


From:The Netherlands, now living in Australia

Our son Jesse attended Daisy Chain from the age of 2 till 4 and a half. He really enjoyed his time there, doing activities such as crafts, singing, indoor and outdoor play. We've been so lucky to have Emmalene, Serlene and Rupa be such a big part of Jesse's life helping him develop new skills, teaching him his ABC's and 123's which he will carry on into primary school. All of the staff at Daisy Chain were fantastic to deal with in all aspects of our sons learning while also creating a fun and safe environment. We will have no hesitation sending our next child to Daisy Chain in the future and happily recommend the Daisy Chain to everyone. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Jesse you guys are AWESOME!!


From:New Zealand

Danielle Fieller

Tuesday, 6/23/15,

8:09 AM

Ammu Jyothi Praveen

Thursday, 3/5/15,

11:27 PM

Carla Baechtle

Tuesday, 10/14/14,

9:49 AM

Paul and Nienke

Sunday, 6/8/14,

4:33 PM

Meri & Steve

Friday, 7/19/13,

10:29 AM

Daisy-chain playgroup Riouwstraat 2C 2585 HA The Hague

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