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Our son, Cote, practically started to speak English at the same time he started to speak Spanish (his mother language). That fact has taken place in a lovely environment thanks to the efforts, professionalism, dedication and kindness of Serlene, Rupa and Emmalene. Thank you very much dear ladies for the lovely days our son has passed in your playgroup, that for sure will never forget.



Dear new parents, I just would like to say that my daughter Héloïse enjoyed very much her stay at the Daisy chain Playgroup. As a French speaking Family we were so glad to see her improvements in English during the past school year. We totally recommend this playgroup not only because of the English language but also because of the team ! Indeed the 3 teachers were always very nice and caring with Héloïse which is, of course, very important for so young children. Thanks again to all of us.


From:France living in The Hague

The Daisy Chain playgroup is a terrific way for children to learn about social interactions in a low-pressure environment. The kids have the freedom to decide how they want to play, and the knowledgeable staff support the children in these interactions. I think it's a fabulous way to encourage development - especially for children who may have recently gone through a life-changing event (a relocation, new sibling, etc.). Kate Berger, M.SC Child & Adolescent Psychologist The Expat Kids Club


From:From:The Expat Kids Club

Theo really enjoyed attending Daisy Chain for two days a week, especially playing with the good friends he made there. His socialization and English language skills improved over the six months he attended, and he helps more readily now with tidying up his toys, like he did at Daisy Chain. I liked the range of activities he did in the group - games, songs, art and crafts, playing outside when the weather allowed - and that he always seemed happy to be there.


From:New Zealand

i was just now writing an email to one of the educators and thought of mentioning it here: they are not only educators for your children,and will take care of them with the most love possible, the three ladies,serlene,

emmalene and rupa will also become your friends too! as for us we were incredibly sad when our daughter's time for big school had come and she had to leave the safe nest of daisy chain!





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