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Enrolment and Registration


Daisy Chain Playgroup is open to children between the ages of 2 (Dutch law stipulates from the age of 2 for playgroups) and up to the day before their 5th birthday.

Your child will be in a friendly, happy, encouraging, nurturing and motivating environment.


You can rest assured knowing your child is in the best possible care and that their unique needs are catered for.

During these formative years we ensure that the children in our care develop at their pace, gain confidence and understand the social skills needed.

We are very passionate about creating the very best for the children in our care and helping them reach their full potential and to have in place the social skills needed for both school and home.


If you feel Daisy Chain Playgroup is the right playgroup for your child you may apply in advance and we will allocate a space for them subject to availability, or place them on our waiting list should you so desire.


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