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Daisy Chain playgroup is a relaxed and fun place where children learn through play. Our son Sam attended Daisy chain from the age of two until he was 4. While our daughter Zaneta attended for a year. Both Sam and Zaneta have had wonderful experiences socializing with children from diverse cultures, and their English language skill improved within a short time. We highly recommend Daisy chain if you are looking for a preschool where your child will thrive!




I would like to thank all the staff of the Daisy Chain! My son Luke, has been attending for a year and a half, and I could not be happier with his progress! Daisy Chain is such a stunning school, the staff are kind and care very deeply for the well being of the kids! Luke loves his teachers and has learned so much! I highly urge expat parents who want to school their lil ones in English to opt for this group. Luke starts his ´big boy school´ in Aug 2017 and we will miss Daisy Chain.


From:South Africa

My 3-year-old daughter had joined the Daisy Chain for almost 1 year and had a good time. I really liked the relaxed atmosphere there as I did want my daughter to be able to get accustomed to new environment without feeling much pressure. I also liked several activities such as painting, crafts and songs – they are so lovely! All staff are very nice and kind. They are wonderful, not only in taking care of kids but also in dealing with administrative issues. Always very responsive, and it was important for me. Thank you once again to all staff at Daisy Chain.



Our daughter Anna attended Daisy Chain from the age of two until she was three years old. We were disappointed that she could not continue attending as our assignment in the Netherlands was ending. Serlene, Emmalene and all the staff were wonderful and the kids were always kept busy and engaged with stories, songs and playtime inside as well as outside when the weather was nice. Anna loved going to school. She even wanted to go on weekends! We would definitely recommend Daisy Chain Playgroup to any parent that wants their kid to thrive and learn how to interact with other children in a fun and safe environment. Thank you to all the ladies for their hard work and dedication!



We had our son Jesse here from the time he was two years old till he left for school at four and half years. We loved sending Jesse to the daisy chain, and we're sad for him to leave. We found it to be a very caring and nurturing environment, with a good focus on children being able to make their own decisions on things, but also with some structure. Each day he came home with a different craft, and plenty to tell, he loved his time there and we feel it set him up well for going into reception year at school. Serlene and the team were fantastic and you can tell they enjoyed educating as well as caring for the children. Cheers Meri & Stephen


From:New Zealand

Blessing & Alex

Thursday, 8/10/17,

12:26 PM

Gizelle Taljaard

Tuesday, 8/8/17,

9:45 AM


Wednesday, 7/26/17,

9:29 AM

Almunir & Tanya

Friday, 6/23/17,

10:10 AM

Meridith Crawford

Thursday, 12/31/15, 7:02 PM

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