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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

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Jul 28, 2019

So the summer is upon us, here in Holland we have had some very hot weather, whilst it is of course very nice to enjoy the sunshine, we must remember to keep hydrated and protect ourselves from the sun and heat, more so for the children, they of course will love the joy of playing outside, we need to make sure they are protected. Likewise insects like the sunshine too so be aware and be prepared.

Recently the playgroup organised a visit by the Dutch Fire Service, The Brandweer, the children loved it, a big fire engine, flashing lights, playing with the equipment. We would like to thank the staff of the fire service who very kindly responded to our…


Mar 22, 2018

Well, spring has arrived…

No doubt you will all have noticed the cold weather we are experiencing. At this time of year, we all have to take extra care to protect ourselves against the cold. The worst combination is when it’s cold and we have the wind blowing, thus giving us what is called the wind chill factor, add rain to the mix and it just gets worse. The best way in dealing with this, apart from moving to somewhere warm of course is to dress using the layer principle, wind and waterproof on the outside with layers underneath to provide warmth. A hat is a must and of course as the body takes heat from the extremities first, gloves…

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